Hamilton Area YMCA


Swim Instructor

Under the direction and supervision of the Aquatic Director and in accordance with the mission and purpose of the YMCA, the Swim Instructor 1 is responsible for providing a well rounded swim program following the YMCA’s standards, mission and guidelines. He/she teaches swimming skills and continually monitors the safety and health of the class participants.

1. Presents a professional image at all times including personal appearance (regulation swimsuit, grooming, etc.) and in public relations and human relations.
2. Dresses neatly in regulation swimsuit (1 piece for females / trunks for males), Name Badge (should be w/ you but does not need to be on during lessons), whistle, pocket mask, is well groomed maintains a high degree of physical activity.
3. Possesses vision clarity from a distance of less than 20” and up to and beyond 20’. Possesses the ability to judge distance and space relationships, so as to be able to see objects where they actually are. Possesses the ability to observe an area up and down or to the right or left with eyes in a fixed position.
4. Accountable for all class participants at all times and is alert for weak swimmers, keeping the following Safety Precautions in mind:
a. Teach in a safe environment
b. Make sure a lifeguard is on duty for all lessons
c. Meet in the same spot
d. Stay close to your class
e. Never turn your back
f. Keep your eyes on your class
g. The lifeguard is not your equipment caddy
h. Sitting children (on side of pool) chill quickly – Keep them moving
i. Teach diving in 9ft.
j. Use IFD’s properly
k. Catching jumpers is dangerous – let them catch your arm or equipment
l. Return swimmers back to parents
m. Be aware of each student’s limitations
n. Take and record attendance / skills taught and completed for every class
5. Checks safety and emergency equipment and know their location. Knows location of emergency alarms; these are only to be used in a near-drowning situation or in case of serious injury or possible heart attack.
6. Conducts the class with a positive attitude, creativity, imagination and have fun. Makes good use of designated space. Keeps all students in view at all times. Never turns back to class.
7. Responsible for the set up and clean up of all equipment used.
8. Expected to be 5-10 minutes early, dressed and ready to start class on time in accordance to the schedule and with the facilities policies and procedures.
9. Reports all unsafe and unsatisfactory conditions to the Aquatic Director or appropriate supervisor.
10. Assists, as necessary, in case of serious accident and follows appropriate emergency procedures.
11. Responsible for the schedule assigned to them. Check the schedule for your assigned classes. Notify supervisor when unable to perform duties. Must notify at least 8 hours before scheduled start time in case of sickness or emergency. You are responsible for finding a qualified substitute in case these things should arise.
12. In the event of needing a day off, puts classes on appropriate sub list 2 weeks prior to needing off and is responsible for finding a qualified substitute and leaving a detailed lesson plan for them to follow.
13. Performs all duties in a safe and efficient manner.
14. Performs other related duties as assigned or as necessary. Remains flexible and adaptable in work schedules and work assignments as defined by departmental and organizational needs.
15. Represents the Hamilton Area YMCA in a manner that conveys professionalism, confidentiality, courtesy, fairness, personal integrity, and respect for others.

  • Must be a minimum of 16 years of age
  • All instructors should possess and maintain current certifications in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid
  • Must complete the Hamilton Area YMCA Swim Instructor Aide training
  • YMCA Swim Instructor certification or equivalent preferred
Notice to All Applicants