Hamilton Area YMCA

Local Families Supported through Camp Scholarships

While most children can’t wait until the start of summer, many parents aren’t so enthusiastic. For working parents, summer means searching for affordable childcare, and – more often than not – coming up empty. The Hamilton Area YMCA is working to change that.

This year, the Y is working to raise over $60,000 to support Summer Camp Scholarships for children from low- to moderate-income families. That translates to over 100 children ages 6 to 14 who will have the opportunity to spend the summer at the Hamilton Y’s Sawmill Branch Day Camp playing, swimming, and making new friends instead of home alone.

“Working families in our area need our help,” said Hamilton Area YMCA President & CEO David Kisselback. “A parent shouldn’t have to choose between quality care for their child during the summer months and essentials like rent or the mortgage. Our Summer Camp Scholarship program keeps parents working and keeps our kids healthy, active and safe.”

Affordable childcare is critical to the workforce in the State of New Jersey. One in five workers in New Jersey has a child younger than 13 years old. With a median household income in the state of just over $50,000, childcare can be one of the largest expenses a family in our area can face. By providing assistance with summer camp expenses, the Hamilton Area YMCA offers parents the ability to continue to work during the summer secure in the knowledge that their children are engaged in positive activities during the day.

Click here to watch a video of a Summer Camp Scholarship recipient explain how much it means to him and his family to go to Summer Camp.

Individuals interested in supporting the Summer Camp Scholarship Program should contact Jill Makkay at jmakkay@hamiltonymca.org or 609.581.9622 ext. 122.