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Fall into Health with THE 8-WEEK BODY PROJECT!

Diets are temporary.The 8-WEEK BODY PROJECT is for women who want real, lasting change. Lindsay Vastola, Body Project Founder and Lifestyle Coach, will focus on 5 key factors: Mindset, Accountability, Education, Nutrition, Fitness.

Here's what participants are saying about this life-changing program:

Lindsay and Body Project have forever changed my life! I experienced a complete mind, body and soul transformation! I have changed on so many levels and I cherish the mental and internal changes that have occurred. I now have a positive mindset, and my confidence and self-esteem have soared! This allowed me to make vital changes in every area of my life. My physical results still AMAZE me!”

“The individualized attention, assistance and encouragement when I thought I couldn’t do it, and pure fun environment was what I needed to change my life. Now, three years later, I am fitter than I was in high school, happier and more confident which has spread to my work, my family, my interests...my life! I finally understand the holistic view on a healthier me. It’s not about how I look (although that helps!!). It’s about how I feel, how I eat, the choices I make in my life, and how I influence others toward a healthy life. I couldn’t be happier.

“I learned to look at food and nutrition a whole new way. I learned that more exercise isn’t always better, and calories in/calories out is just a myth that people tell you when they’re trying to sell you a quick fix. THE 8-WEEK BODY PROJECT helped me create sustainable, lasting change in virtually all areas of my life. My whole family is healthier thanks to Lindsay and THE 8-WEEK BODY PROJECT.”

Workshop Dates:
Tuesdays from 6:30 - 7:45 p.m.*
September 27 - November 15
Hamilton Area YMCA Cranbrook Conference Room

*Complimentary child care is available for children 10 and under in our babysitting room!

Registration closes Friday, September 23! Program space is limited! Call 609.581.9622 for more information!