Hamilton Area YMCA

Our Community Connections

Community Options, Inc.
Through our continued partnership, we provide Community Options, Inc. (an organization that provides housing, support services and advocacy assistance to help empower individuals with disabilities) with the opportunity to bring participants to our JKR branch for 6 hours per week where a job training coach works with them to perform administrative and gym-related tasks.

Horizon Foundation
“Healthy U” program is a collaboration between the NJ State Alliance of YMCAs and the Horizon Foundation.  The foundation provided a grant to implement the program in our Before and After School Program and Preschool Program.  “Healthy U” has a C.A.T.C.H. (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) curriculum developed by the University of Texas with the purpose of raising awareness about and prevent childhood obesity.  Funding received was used for staff training and to purchase equipment.  The program has been in existence for five years, and “Healthy U” is self-sustaining because the initial equipment purchased is still used and staff continues to train new staff on existing curriculum.

Hamilton Township School District
We continue to partner with the Hamilton Township School District by providing the appropriate staff needed for all interested students to participate in our inclusive programming such as Before and After School Care and the Y Connection Middle School Program.

Mercer County Office of the Disabled
Through a partnership with the Mercer County Office of the Disabled, we have received a second cycle of funding for two years to continue to strengthen the community through our S.K.O.R. Program, which provides services and programs for individuals with disabilities.

Mercer County Special Services School District
We collaborate with the Mercer County Special Services School District by utilizing one of their schools to offer inclusive programs for their Preschool Enrichment and Half-day Preschool and Pre-K classes.  We also run S.K.O.R. Afterschool Enrichment classes for their elementary students age 5-13.

Miracle League
Through a partnership with a local Rotary Club, we built and operate the Miracle League of Mercer County (an organization that provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to play baseball on a 100% barrier free baseball field).

National Inclusion Project
In 2013, we became a partner with the National Inclusion Project which provided us with the “Let’s ALL Play” program model, training, and funding which allowed us to enhance our programs so all children could learn, live, and play together.

Special Olympics New Jersey
Our S.K.O.R. Program provides a variety of non-competitive leagues and sports for individuals with disabilities throughout Mercer County.  We became a LTP (Local Training Program) with Special Olympics New Jersey because some individuals prefer to have a more competitive atmosphere than what we offer through S.K.O.R. Through Special Olympics, we offer team, individual, and unified sports such as Basketball, Unified Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Unified Softball, Track & Field, Snowshoeing, Unified Golf, Cycling, Unified Cycling, Bocce, Unified Bocce, Power Lifting, Bowling, and Unified Bowling.