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Youth Volunteer Connection

Welcome to Youth Volunteer Connection an initiative dedicated to showcasing volunteer opportunities for youth in the Mercer County Area between the ages of 13 and 17.

Mission statement

To cultivate young people in becoming socially responsible and giving them a voice in the community by connecting them to volunteer opportunities.


Through the newly created web site and events, we will create a movement of social awareness through the eyes of teens.  Through this we will cultivate youth to become strong advocates for cause driven organizations.

When offered a clear path to social responsibility through volunteer opportunities at a young age, our youth will become strong members of the community through social awareness and compassion.

How it works

Youth Volunteer Connection provides a centralized location where parents and youth can search for volunteer opportunities available in the Mercer County area for youth between the ages of 13 and 17.  The site provides a brief description of the opportunity and the link to the providing organization.

Benefits of Volunteering

Please review the resources for information. 

For further information or if you wish your organization to be added to the list please contact:

Jill Makkay, Executive Director at 609.581.9622 x122 or e-mail jmakkay@hamiltonymca.org                

Diana Zita, CFO at 609.581.9622 x130 or e-mail dzita@hamiltonymca.org

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Volunteer Here

Discover a wide variety of local organizations that need volunteers like YOU!  Choose a volunteer opportunity that is meaningful to you and get started now.

  • Volunteer at the West Windsor Arts Council

  • Volunteer at the Farmers Against Hunger

  • Volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity

  • Volunteer at the NJ State Museum

  • Volunteer at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton