Hamilton Area YMCA

Before & After School Program


Online Registration for the 2022/2023 school year is open until spaces are full. Spaces are limited.

A $50 non-refundable deposit towards the September tuition per child per program is due at the time of registration.

After your child is registered and the deposit is paid, you will receive an email with directions on how to complete your child’s paperwork and register to receive text alerts. On the paperwork, you can choose from the 3 or 5 day option for your child. Your monthly billing will be adjusted based on what you choose on the form. Failure to complete the paperwork within the given timeline will result in forfeit of your child’s spot.


Once a program is full, you can continue through the registration process to have your child added to the waitlist. It is important to complete the check out process. If your child is added to the waitlist you will not be charged, but will receive a receipt showing that your child was added to the waitlist. If you do not receive the receipt, you did not complete the entire check out process. If a spot opens up, we will contact families in order that they are on the waitlist. 

How to Register or be added to the waitlist

  1. If your child is not a member of the Hamilton Area YMCA, you will need to create a guest account for the child. You do not need to pay for a membership to register for the Before/After School Programs. (This step can be completed ahead of time, however, registration does not open until the dates listed above)If your child has a YMCA account, (has been in a program, had a membership, or on a waitlist) please log in several days prior to be sure you can access your child’s account.
  2. Once you have an account, log in and click the link at the top of the website to “PAY A BALANCE/REGISTER”
  3. Under programs and classes, click “BASE” and select the appropriate school
  4. Select desired program(s) and add them to your cart (If you need both before and after care, you must add both to your cart)
  5. A $50 non refundable deposit towards the September tuition per child/per program is due at the time of registration.*

*If your child is added to the waitlist, you will not be charged a deposit, however you must fully complete the checkout process to secure a spot on the list. 

Please review downloads for program information and policies.

For additional Before School program information, contact: 
Kristen Indriso, by e-mailing kindriso@hamiltonymca.org

For additional After School program information, contact: 
Alysha Wilson, by e-mailing awilson@hamiltonymca.org

For additional Billing and Waitlist information, contact: 
Stacy Derrico, by e-mailing sderrico@hamiltonymca.org