Financial Assistance for YMCA Membership and Program Participation

The Hamilton Area YMCA is a nonprofit organization committed to providing memberships and programs that enhance the lives of people in the community. Through the Financial Assistance Program, we are able to reach out to those in need of financial support so that they may benefit from all the Y has to offer.

For more information on membership and program, please contact Kailin Vena, Director of Member Experience, Health & Wellness, at 609.581.9622 ext. 140 or

For more information on summer camp and childcare, please contact Rudy Turner, Child Care & Camp Director, at 609.581.9622 ext. 105 or

Embracing Our Commitment to...

Improve Lives

The Hamilton Area YMCA is one of America’s 2,686 YMCAs, collectively one of the largest not-for-profit community service organizations in the United States.

Children & Youth

Nearly 10 million children ages 17 and under engage in a wealth of enriching YMCA activities, including sports, after school care and camp.


YMCAs help families build bonds, connect with community resources and become stronger through their participation in YMCA programs.

Health & Well-being

YMCAs are collectively the nation’s largest providers of health & well-being programs. The Hamilton Area YMCA offers programs for youth, teens and adults ranging from interactive gaming to Pilates.


Financial assistance–made possible by contributions received from members, companies, individuals and foundations–opens all YMCA programs to those in need. We are committed to providing our programs and services to those who otherwise can’t afford them...there is a place for you at the Hamilton Area YMCA.

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Assistance

Who is eligible to receive financial assistance?
Individuals and families who show they are in need of financial assistance to help pay for their programs or memberships.

How are financial assistance awards determined?
The YMCA has a sliding fee scale provided by Y-USA and based on total household in come and number of dependents, which assists in deter mining the support amount. Repeat requests may result in less financial assistance awarded.

When will I hear back?
You will be sent a letter by a YMCA Staff person within 30 - 45 days of receipt of your completed application.

How long will the financial assistance continue?
The need for financial assistance will be reassessed every six months for memberships and programs. Please Note: financial assistance for membership begins the date acceptance letter is processed at the Member Service Desk. It is the applicant’s responsibility to re-apply every 6 months to avoid a lapse in membership.

What is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient?
Scholarship recipients must be active participants in program areas and membership applied for. It is our hope that participants will also volunteer whenever possible. Since our funds are limited and there are others in the community in need of financial assistance, we expect to be notified if you no longer need our support or are unable to use the services we provide.

How are scholarships funded?
The YMCA raises money through the ongoing work of volunteers and staff. Funds are available as a result of gifts received from individuals, corporations, foundations and through the annual giving campaign.