Hamilton Area YMCA

Group Exercise

The Hamilton YMCA offers over 100* land and water classes each week, all included with your membership!

Join us for a group exercise class where our certified instructors lead you through a motivating and invigorating workout, leaving you energetic and wanting more! Group exercise is a great way to share fitness with your friends and have fun in a safe, encouraging, and effective environment for all levels!

A variety of classes are offered for all levels and special populations. Every member is encouraged to try different classes and instructors to find what’s best for you!

Classes include:

  • LesMills® BODYPUMP™
  • Barre
  • Yoga
  • Zumba®
  • STRONG by Zumba™
  • Belly Dancing
  • POUND®
  • Cycle
  • Step
  • Tabata
  • willPower & grace
  • Interval training
  • Insanity
  • Pilates
  • Water fitness
  • And more!
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*Please note that group exercise classes may be limited temporarily.

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Zoom Group Exercise Classes

While our building doors are closed, we know many of our members are missing the friendship and encouragement from Group Exercise classes. While we can’t bring you all physically back together just yet, you can now see your favorite Group Exercise instructors and class “live” on Zoom!

Click here for the schedule!

Physical exercise, in all of its forms and with or without the use of equipment such as blocks, straps or any other equipment that may be used by an instructor, is a strenuous physical activity. Accordingly, you are urged and advised to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any physical exercise regimen, routine, program, or using any suggested equipment shown in any of the videos from the YMCA. The YMCA is not a medical organization and its instructors or staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. All suggestions and comments relating to the use of equipment, poses, moves, and instruction are not required to be performed by you and are carried out at your election while viewing YMCA videos. Nothing contained herein should be constructed as any form of such medical advice or diagnosis.

By using this content you represent that you understand that physical exercise involves strenuous physical movement and that such activity carries the risk of injury whether physical or mental. You understand that it is your responsibility to judge your physical and mental capabilities for such activities. It is your responsibility to ensure that by participating in classes and activities from the YMCA, you will not exceed your limits while performing such activity, and you will select the appropriate level of classes for your skills and abilities, as well as for any mental or physical conditions and/or limitations you have. You understand that, from time to time, instructors may suggest physical adjustments or the use of equipment, and it is your sole responsibility to determine if any such suggested adjustment or equipment is appropriate for your level of ability and physical and mental condition. You expressly waive and release any claim that you may have at any time for injury of any kind arising out of your participation in a YMCA program or use of a YMCA facility against the YMCA, or any person or entity involved with the YMCA, including without limitation, its directors, principals, instructors, independent contractors, employees, agents, contractors, affiliates and representatives.

Class Locations

  • Studio 1 (S1)
  • Studio 2 (S2)
  • Dance Studio (DS)
  • Spirit, Mind and Body Center (SMB)
  • Heated Indoor Pool


  • For all classes, please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class to ensure ample time to set-up and reserve your spot.
  • For the safety of yourself and others, members will not be permitted into a class past the first 10 minutes. 
  • All classes and instructors are subject to change.
  • Member must be at least 13 years to participate in Group Exercise Classes.