Hamilton Area YMCA offers many types of facilities and features for everyone. Including year-round indoor and outdoor spaces most equipped with guest WiFi.

  • State-of-the-art touchscreen treadmills – ipod compatible, TV and Internet accessible, interactive “smart” Preva system
  • Stairmaster Stepmills
  • Ellipticals, AMTs, Upright & Recumbent Bikes
  • Interactive Expresso Bikes
  • Free Weight Area includes Bench Press, Leg Press, Dumbbells, Smith Machines, Paramount, Cable Machines.
  • 17-Piece STRIVE Strength Training Circuit
  • 8-Piece Cybex Strength Training Circuit (“Express 8”)
  • Designated Areas for Stretching and Abs


Certified personal trainers are available every day to assist you, provide orientations, or work one-on-one. A certified CPR/AED and Wellness Coach staff is on duty at all times in the Wellness Center. If any assistance is required, look for someone with a Y blue staff shirt to help!

Facility members must be age 13 and above to utilize this area.

1,000 sq. ft. workout area including:

  • Free weight area with dumbbells, weighted barbells and plates
  • Power rack
  • TRX and resistance bands
  • Ab machines
  • Assault bike
  • Medicine and slam balls
  • Ample space designated for stretching and workouts

The Hamilton Area YMCA has two gymnasiums:

Basketball Gymnasium — Open gym is available at various times throughout the day. Throughout the year, we offer youth basketball leagues, youth instructional sports classes, Ping Pong and special events.   

Kids’ Gymnasium — Specifically designed with kids in mind, this gym is open, colorful and welcoming. Throughout the year, we offer gymnastics classes, preschool and youth instructional sports classes, and more.

Our indoor pool is 25 yards in length and 6 lanes wide; depth ranges from 4 feet to 6 feet. A chair lift is available for those who need assistance getting in and out of the pool. The average temperature of the pool is 86°. There is a lifeguard on duty at all times. 

Our indoor track, available for facility member use only, is located around the upper perimeter of the gymnasium and can be used for both walking and running. 18 laps = 1 mile. Corner areas of the track are for warm up and cool down exercises.

Please walk/run in a single file. Slower participants stay to the inside, pass on the outside. Directional arrows for each day must be followed.

To encourage family fitness, facility members 8 and younger may use the track in the company of a parent who is a Facility Member.

The Hamilton Area YMCA has four studios:

Studio 1 – Group exercise classes only

Studio 2 – Group exercise classes only

Dance Studio – Dance classes and group exercise

Spirit, Mind, Body Center (SMB) – Cycle, Yoga, Pilates, and stretching classes. This space is also available for facility members to use for stretching when classes are not in session.

Stay and Play is a supervised play area for children to play, explore and interact under the watchful eye of our staff.  Various games, toys, arts and crafts, social interaction and individual play are offered to the children.  This free* member service allows you the freedom to enjoy the facility while your children enjoy themselves in a safe, fun setting. Our Stay and Play babysitting services are for children ages 6 months - 10 years.

*This is a free member benefit for facility members.  Parents must remain in the YMCA building while their child is in Stay and Play.


Monday  and Wednesday 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday8:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Saturday          8:45 - 1:00 p.m.


Please contact Kailin Vena at or Kathy Fessler at for more information.

The Hamilton Area YMCA provides wireless guest internet (Service) access free of charge to you in accordance with the following terms:

  • YMCA is not responsible for content delivered through the Internet.

  • YMCA is not responsible for sensitive information communicated through this public wireless connection, such as credit card, personal data, or banking information, etc. Please be sure that your device’s anti-virus and firewall software are up-to-date.

  • YMCA assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss of data, damage, or viruses/malware that may infect your device on account of your access to, or use of the public wireless connection.

  • YMCA assumes no responsibility or liability for physical damage to, or theft of your device.

  • YMCA cannot guarantee that your hardware or software will work with the Y’s wireless connection.

  • YMCA may collect and disseminate data usage at its sole discretion; including sharing the information with any law enforcement agencies. Minors should only access the connection under parental or guardian oversight. Any restrictions, limitations, and monitoring of a minor’s access to the Y’s public wireless network is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

  • Member agrees to respect all copyright laws and licensing agreement pertaining to material obtained from the Internet and YMCA is not responsible for member’s failure to do so.

  • If you have problems accessing the Internet over the wireless connection, our staff cannot assist in making changes to the member’s network settings or per form any troubleshooting on your device. You should refer to the owners’ manual for your device or other support services, offered by your device manufacturer.

  • The YMCA may revise these terms at any time. You must accept these terms each time you use the Service and it is your responsibility to review it for any changes each time.

  • The YMCA reserves the right to withdraw the Service, change the specifications or manner of use of the Service, to change access codes, usernames, passwords or other security information necessary to access the Service.