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Benefits of Fencing

  • Fencing is an aerobic form of exercise.  It supports heart and mental health by increasing oxygen in the blood and releasing endorphins that lead to a positive sense of health.
  • Fencing is fun and social!
  • There is no equipment to purchase.  The Y provides all the equipment needed to participate.  Most returning students end up liking it so much that they purchase their own equipment but it is not required.
  • Ages 7 - 99!

Meet the Instructor

Frank has been leading our fencing classes as a YMCA instructor for15 years. Frank fenced when he was in the Air Force and has continued throughout his life.  He is actively involved in the world of fencing and has coached at Freehold Fencing Academy since 2008.  With each session of fencing he leads a class trip to the Freehold Fencing Academy so that his fencing students are able to watch a higher level of competition.  

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