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Diverse Abilities - SKOR and SOAR

Personal goals and individual achievement — that’s the focus of our Diverse Abilities programs, which provide quality programming for individuals with intellectual, physical, and/or emotional disabilities.

These programs promote peer and family interaction in a fun, healthy, and safe environment. Participants ages 5 and up can enjoy a variety of instructional, social, and sports programs ranging from Aquatics to Zumba, each designed to meet their individual needs, interests and capabilities.

For more information about Diverse Abilities programming, please contact Tyler Koerber, at 609.581.9622 ext. 121 or tkoerber@hamiltonymca.org.

The Hamilton Area YMCA is committed to an inclusive environment. For more information regarding our inclusive program offerings and accommodations, please contact Tyler Koerber at 609.581.9622 ext. 121 or tkoerber@hamiltonymca.org.

As with any program of this nature, volunteers play an important and vital part. “Buddies” engage with our program participants and are there to provide help with learning different skills as well as just being there to talk to when needed. If you or someone you know would enjoy this experience, click on the Volunteer Registration link under "Downloads" to get involved.

Instructional Programs

Instructional programs meet on a weekly basis and focus on the personal goals and individual achievements for all participants. Our programs focus on the importance of appropriate social interaction and demonstrating proper social skills. All programs promote peer and family interaction in a fun, healthy, and safe environment. Membership to the Hamilton Area YMCA is required for most programs. See each program for details. Program fees apply. Parent participation may be required if the participant cannot work within ratios listed.

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Zumba (ages 5+)

Zumba classes are rockin’, high-energy fitness parties packed with specially choreographed, friendly routines and a variety of music including 80’s 90’s and current favorites. The positive effects it has on kids include increasing their focus and self-confidence, boosting metabolism and enhancing coordination. Participants must work on a 7 to 1 ratio.

Diverse Abilities Swim

View our Aquatics page or contact Nicole Bizuga at 609.581.9622 ext. 128 for more information.

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Diverse Abilities Swim - Swim Basics (ages 3 - 6)

Increases comfort with underwater exploration and introduces basic self-rescue skills performed with assistance.

Diverse Abilities Swim - Swim Strokes (ages 7 - 10)

Introduces basic stroke technique in front crawl and back crawl and reinforces water safety through treading water and elementary backstroke.

Diverse Abilities Swim - Teen (ages 11+)

Non-swimmers and beginners who have basic skills in the water will learn technique and build confidence through various activities. Instructors work on individual needs in a group setting.

Sports Programs & Leagues

Our Sports Programs contain a variety of sports that meet on a weekly basis throughout each season and provide different levels of instruction for all participants.

Sports programs are available for individuals ages 5 and up. Teams are put together by age and ability level to the best of our ability. Participants will go over the skills and rules, from the very basics to more in depth instruction, as well as participating in non-competitive scrimmages each week. Membership is required and additional one-on-one support may be available.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering for or sponsoring one of our Sports Programs, please contact Tyler Koerber at tkoerber@hamiltonymca.org.

Please check back for updated sports league information.


  • Miracle League

  • Inclusive programming

  • National Inclusion Project


*SKOR Programming is funded in part by the Office of the Disabled, County of Mercer.