The Y is the launching point for many children to learn about the world around them and become better prepared for their school years through education, social engagement, and by developing healthy habits they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Children learn through stimulating activities and enhanced play, mastering skills that will help them study their everyday surroundings and discover answers for themselves.

For additional information e-mail Chelsea Sunkiskis at csunkiskis@hamiltonymca.org.

Parents and children can explore the world of gymnastics in an age appropriate setting. This class focuses on developing motor skills such as walking, jumping, and balance using gymnastics equipment and activities.

Please contact the YMCA to register.

Enjoy some bonding time with your toddler while enjoying a variety of stories, songs, rhymes and movement activities. 

This is an obstacle based curriculum that will build the child’s self-confidence and designed to incorporates strength, flexibility, balance and FUN!

In this class you will learn a combination of ballet and jazz. Technique is combined at this level and placement, posture, rhythm and motor skills are developed in both ballet and jazz. 

By introducing a variety of artistic methods, your child's imagination will be inspired to explore diverse ways of creating artwork.

This class introduces your child to the joy of math by incorporating basic math fundamentals through hands-on activities and play.

A fun time for children to discover the world around them as they explore, investigate, and experiment.

This exciting literacy based class gives children the opportunity to explore children’s literature and to create their own journals. Your child will strengthen valuable skills such as vocabulary, reading and writing.

Children create their own recipe book while learning basic techniques and kitchen safety.