Hamilton Area YMCA

Together we can make a difference.

The holidays provide time for gratitude and reflection, and we want to thank you for being part of the Y. You make the Y a place for everyone in our community to belong – to be part of a community, to be part of a family. We are grateful for your friendship, dedication, and support.

As you no doubt know, at the Y, lives are changed every day. What separates the Y from other non-profits in the area is what we are not.  

We are not the organization finding new cures and treatments for debilitating diseases such as Cancer, MS and Parkinson’s. We are the organization where those living with these diseases come for therapy, rehabilitation and support. We provide an extended family where people feel welcomed.

We are not the organization, which solely Champions children with developmental and physical challenges. We are the organization that celebrates their uniqueness and their value to the community. We include individuals with disabilities without exception or separation in all that we do, in all facets of our programs. We treat each individual with respect and love, just like family.

We are not the organization that leads the fight against ending social injustices and bullying. We are the organization that teaches thousands of children every year the importance of respect, compassion, empathy. We do this through role modeling and through teaching those positive attributes throughout all of our programs. The Y is the heart and soul of the community, part of your family.

During this time when people are considering end-of-the-year gifts, we kindly invite you to remember the Y. 

Your gift will help us to continue to provide programs like THRIVE, One Step, SKOR and SOAR, Y connection, after school care and more. Together we can make a difference in the lives of thousands of children, adults, and families. Please consider a gift by December 31 that will go to immediate use for a better us.

Raising a strong, healthy family and community is a monumental task. Some say it takes a village, others say it takes an army. We say it takes the Y.  

Thank you again for being part of the Hamilton Area YMCA. We look forward to 2017 with great hope.