Hamilton Area YMCA

JOIN TOGETHERHOOD and make a difference!

Togetherhood is the Hamilton Area YMCA's member-led volunteer service program. It activates our YMCA and community members to work together to plan and lead service projects that respond to local community needs. Togetherhood connects people from all backgrounds to plan these projects and, along the way, our volunteers form lasting connections with one another. Togetherhood creates social change and demonstrates our dedication to strengthening the community. 

Togetherhood would like to focus on four service projects annually. 

If you are interested in joining Togetherhood, please e-mail Angela Belmont, Volunteer Coordinator.   

Stepping Up In Style - 
The Hamilton Area YMCA is partnering with Carella's Shoes

Togetherhood is partnering with Carella's Shoes to provide new shoes for the beginning of the school year!  Please show your support for our children by donating with a tax-deductible check made payable to the Hamilton Area YMCA through August 31.