Hamilton Area YMCA


Diverse Abilities Junior Counselor


Under direction of Senior Counselor, the Diverse Abilities Junior Counselor is expected to guide campers throughout the camping experience and assist in planning daily camping activities and programs; ensure safety and well-being of campers; supervise campers and staff to ensure that camper and parent needs and expectations are met. 


  • Read and be accountable for YMCA, state licensing standards, policies and procedures.
  • Supervise and ensure the safety of each child in your direct care at all times. Adhere to small group/ratio established by DHS.
  • Assist in the supervision and planning of camp activities; ensure all campers can participate in all activities, no matter varied abilities whether physical, or intellectual. Actively participate in activities to encourage participation.
  • Interpret and maintain safety and health policies and procedures; review and understand your roles and responsibilities in emergency procedures
  • Ensure appropriate behavior of campers and staff to avoid risk of accidents; maintain awareness of camper well-being
  • Counselors should be able to identify, address, and redirect/correct inappropriate behavior
  • Adhere to policies and procedures when caring for injured campers; report all incidents. Ensure a safe environment.
  • Serve as role model for campers by arriving to camp, meetings and activities at assigned time; displaying good sportsmanship; following YMCA rules and regulations.
  • Assist in maintaining effective communication with parents/guardians regarding camper and camp activities.
  • Participate in staff training, meetings and conferences as required.
  • Ensure quality of camp by noting any problems, safety concerns, or equipment disrepair.
  • Ensure camp and equipment cleanliness.


  • At least 16-17 years old
  • In High school
  • Have some type of experience working with children and willing to learn in their role
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and experience working with children.
  • Ability to deal effectively with inappropriate behavior and recognize hazard situations.


All Hamilton Area YMCA staff are responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining a clean, well-groomed appearance and keeping in compliance with the Association and Department Dress Code Policy.
  • Exhibit strong leadership skills;possess a passion and commitment to member service and satisfaction,building and maintaining a culture of ensuring excellent Member Experience (MX).
  • A commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.


  • Maintainingthesafetyofallmembersandstaffbyidentifyingandcorrectingrisksituations, and ensuring incident-reporting procedures are followed.
  • Ensuring the overall cleanliness of the facility.


  • Ensure that children in the care of the Hamilton Area YMCA and participating programming are kept safe from harm.
  • As a Mandated Reporter you are obligated to report ALL suspicions of abuse or neglect to the requisite state agency.


Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of spoken word to impart oral information and to convey detailed, spoken instructions to staff, members, children, and volunteers accurately, quickly, and loudly. Abilityto perceive the nature of sounds by ear; ability to lift and carry 50-75 pounds; ability to maintain body equilibrium to prevent falling. Ability to move about on foot quickly; ability to stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl. Ability to sit or stand for long periods of time. Ability to judge distances and spatial relationships so as to see objects where they actually are and clearly see at 20 inches or less and 20 feet or more.


Exposure to high levels of noise and various environmental conditions. 

Acquire and maintain the following certifications:

    • CPR/AED/First Aid obtained through the American Red Cross (valid 2 years)
    • Mandated Reporter Training (valid 5 years)
    • Additional training and development specific to your role as reference in onboarding packet. 


At the YMCA we value CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY in personal character and behavior andbelieve that they are essential to attaining our mission


The work of the Hamilton Area YMCA focuses on three specific areas of need for our community: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Working with a variety of partners across Central New Jersey, we provide essential programs and services that build strong, confident kids; healthy, active adults; and thriving communities.

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