Hamilton Area YMCA



Under the direction and supervision of the Aquatics Director and in accordance with the mission and purpose of the YMCA, the Lifeguard1 is responsible to provide a safe environment at the swimming pool(s). Duties are carried out consistent with the YMCA’s mission and standards. He/she will complete all other duties and projects as assigned or required.

1. Presents a professional image at all times including personal appearance (uniform, grooming, etc.) and in public relations and human relations. Must keep the members “happy.”
2. Uniform: dress neatly in regulation swimsuit (1 piece for females), lifeguard t-shirt, name badges, shorts, whistle, pocket mask, and rescue tube in hand in a cleaned and well groomed manner and to maintain a high degree of physical activity.
3. Possesses vision clarity from a distance of less than 20” and up to and beyond 20’. Possesses the ability to judge distance and space relationships, so as to be able to see objects where they actually are. Possesses the ability to observe an area up and down or to the right or left with eyes in a fixed position.
4. Possesses the ability to perform the following activities, but not limited to: climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling lifting, grasping, feeling, talking and hearing.
5. Follows proper open/closing procedures (make sure all doors are properly locked before leaving pool area working in conjunction with Member Service Staff).
6. Checks safety and emergency equipment, makes sure they are working and know their location. Knows location of emergency alarms; these are only to be used in a near-drowning situation or in case of serious injury or possible heart attack.
7. Maintains a safe pool area. Always alert for weak swimmers. Does not leave pool area unattended. Bathroom breaks – make sure someone certified is on deck and get back quickly. Keeps area clean by picking up papers, gum, band aids, and keep pool equipment in order.
8. Checks pool bottom constantly as a safety precaution and periodically circle around pool to check deck and pool bottom.
9. Staff is responsible for the hours assigned to them. Checks the schedule for your hours. Notifies supervisor when unable to perform duties. Must notify them at least 8 hours before scheduled start time in the case of sickness or emergency. Must try to find a qualified sub to cover you in case these thing arise. If needing off, you need to put hours on appropriate sub list at least 2 weeks prior. You are still responsible for those hours if no one signs up.
10. Reports/Corrects all unsafe and unsatisfactory conditions, any unusual comments or complaints by members, or if supplies are low, equipment needing repair or replacements to the Aquatic Director or appropriate supervisor.
11. Takes full charge in the event of incidents/emergencies and follows appropriate emergency action plan procedures. Supervisors will document any incidents in writing and communicates events with Aquatics Director or appropriate supervisor.
12. Maintains operating records including chemical balance, air and water temperature every 2 hours, and bathing loads every half hour on the Pool Log Sheets. Keeps track of any accident/drowning/near-drowning reports in an accurate and neat form.
13. When handling chemicals, follow chemical handling procedures as instructed.
14. Books, magazines, and/or writing materials are not permitted except for maintaining proper records. Radios must be kept at a low volume and to member satisfaction; you are not permitted to play the radio during parties. Eating on the pool deck or drinking (glass bottles) while on duty or on the deck is not permitted. Water may be kept in a plastic water bottle.
15. Each guard is expected to be on time (10-15 minutes early) to open the pool or before your assigned shift, dressed and ready to work in accordance with the facility’s policies and procedures. Lifeguards are expected to check with the guards they are relieving for any unusual happenings. Staff are “on duty” until relieved off the deck by another guard or scheduled closing time.
16. Each staff is to come to work with a clear head, prepared to be alert, vigilant, and conscientious to handle any emergency that may arise. No alcohol or drugs on premises at any time.
17. Enforces all pool rules and regulations with all swimmers and staff fairly and with courtesy. Answers questions and relay information as needed, but refrain from personal conversations. (Use your whistle!!! Have rescue tube with you at all times!!!) Be confident and decisive while being respectful towards all members. Understands the pool schedule and be able to inform members of temporary or permanent changes.
18. Requires all swimmers to take soapy showers before entering the pool and to wear appropriate swim attire.
19. Attends all scheduled staff meetings and required training events as established by supervisor. This is to keep updated on changing polices/ procedures or certifications. Staff Manual – You are responsible for knowing all information included in the manual and knowing the proper procedures listed and following these procedures.
20. Guards will be subject to periodic skill testing.
21. Make sure that you fill out timesheets with all necessary information.
22. Assumes any other duties as directed by the YMCA administration, Aquatics Director / Coordinator or Head Lifeguard.
23. Performs all duties in a safe and efficient manner.
24. Performs other related duties as assigned or as necessary. Remains flexible and adaptable in work schedules and work assignments as defined by departmental and organizational needs.
25. Represents the Hamilton Area YMCA in a manner that conveys professionalism, confidentiality, courtesy, fairness, personal integrity, and respect for others.

  • Must be a minimum of 16 years of age
  • Working knowledge of YMCA policies
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Must maintain and possess a current lifeguard certification
  • Must maintain and possess Professional CPR, AED, and First Aid
Notice to All Applicants